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#GreenFriday Campaign Launched To Promote Consumers To Buy Irish


A national campaign has launched across Ireland encouraging consumers to buy Irish goods on one of the busiest shopping days of the year - the last Friday in November, otherwise known as Black Friday or Cyber Friday.

The "Green Friday" campaign aims to encourage people to shop locally and support Irish brands and businesses this Christmas. 

Most Irish businesses have struggled this year and this is a great initiative for consumers to show support to their favourite Irish brands, support jobs and discover new Irish businesses across the nation.

The new initiative is led by Marian O'Gorman, CEO of retail group Kilkenny and is backed by trade associations including the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, Retail Excellence, Chambers Ireland.

The team at Drummond House are delighted about the news that the #GreenFriday campaign is launching this year. We, along with the rest of Ireland will be supporting our fellow Irish brands and businesses and shopping local this Christmas.


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