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It has been a process which has demanded time, patience and care. The rewards however are magnificent. You will recognise Drummond House Garlic by its unrivalled taste. There is simply no substitute for fresh, properly grown Irish garlic.


Our heritage seed, which has spawned each of our four varieties of garlic traces its European origins back 800 years. We chose these four varieties – namely Red Czech, Red Duke, Bohemian and Mickolov – for a plethora of reasons but first and foremost because we have found them to be some of the tastiest and most intense varieties available.

Originating in the Czech Republic, these hard necks produce larger, juicier cloves and are perfectly suited to the Irish weather. While the demand for the four has been huge, up until now they were not commonly sold in this part of the world. We are delighted to be able to bring these flavours to the Irish market.



Allium Sativum ophioscorodon


The last stronghold of rare exotic hardnecks with fierce spicy flavours, from Eastern Europe. Hotter and stronger than any of the commonly planted garlic in the UK, these bulbs still have the attributes of their mother bulbs which came from Central Asia, perhaps 800 years ago with the Mongol invasions. Bright white skins with plump purple cloves.

ORIGINS: Eastern Europe

CLOVES: 8 - 10 cloves/ bulb

EXPECTED SIZE: 50 - 70mm

PLANTED: October - December

HARVESTED: June - July

Irish Garlic Red Czech Drummond House


Our garlic scapes are harvested around three weeks before the garlic itself and can make for sumptuous dishes themselves.

They are only available for a short period each year but can be made into wonderful pestos, dressing or even deep fried on their own.

Irish Garlic ScapesDrummond House



Irish Garlic Elephant Garlic Drummond House

A member of the allium family, the Elephant garlic can grow to 150mm across and weigh over a kilo. Although it’ not a true garlic, it is closely related to the leek vegetable. Occurring in the wild in parts of Western Europe.  It has a warm mild garlic flavour  which is increasingly popular with those who like to make a statement in their cooking. 

ORIGINS: Western Europe

CLOVES: 5-6 cloves/ bulb

EXPECTED SIZE: 80 - 150mm

PLANTED: September - October

HARVESTED: June - July

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