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New to Drummond House, we are very excited about our upcoming

crop of Irish Aspargus.


If there ever was a crop that encompasses the entanglement of history with the modern palate it’s asparagus. The spring vegetable was actually a common crop throughout Ireland in the past but sadly it was a tradition which became lost in time.

Of course, more recently it has surged back into popularity and the sandy lung soil of Drummond House is the ideal place to grow it; indeed in yesteryear, 40 acres of asparagus was grown right on the farm’s doorstep, in An Grianán Horticultural College.

The Colliers fell in love with the sweet, buttery taste of properly produced asparagus – not to mention its health benefits - and with the soil profile of their land the decision to expand into growing their own was an obvious and natural progression.

They have spent the last three years preparing the ground before the first harvest was lifted in 2017.

The results and comments from Chefs have been highly encouraging and they look forward to bringing Drummond House Asparagus to the market in the near future.

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