For the person who appreciates the best Irish produce, why not give the gift of Ireland's favourite garlic this Christmas? The Deluxe Drummond House Christmas Hamper includes the following:


  • The full Drummond House Garlic Collection - Elephant Garlic Cloves, Heritage Garlic Cloves, Oak Smoked Heritage Garlic Bulbs and Oak Smoked Elephant Garlic Colves. 
  • 250g Drummond House Pure Irish Summer Honey.

  • Drummond House Scape Sauce & Dip 100g (store chilled and see best before date)

  • Our unique Drummond House Chopping Board (includes etched Drummond House logo).


About our chopping boards:

Back in 2010, a treacherous storm hit the north east resulting in a 180 year old Beech Tree falling over on the Drummond House Estate. Little did we know, this beautiful beech wood would be the making of our unique Drummond House Chopping Boards. Just like the rest of our produce, all Drummond House products are from are natural and from our soil. 


Our chopping boards are treated with Tung Oil made from nuts of the Chinese Tung Tree which makes them waterproof, heat proof and safe for food. Each board is etched with the Drummond House logo - making them a perfect one of a kind addition to any kitchen. 


About the packaging of our hampers:

 To ensure everything arrives to you in perfect condition we will package contents of the hamper in a box with bubble wrap along with labelled bag and tissue paper. This will allow you to assemble and style hamper as you wish. 


Deluxe Drummond House Christmas Collection